The consumer in America is more informed today: they are reading ingredient decks on the food packages; researching food additives on the internet and participating in food forums; they watch cooking and food shows on cable television stations. The government continues to raise awareness of sodium levels in our food products. Consumers are looking to diet as one important means to prevent illness and improve the quality of their lives. More consumers have embraced the vegetarian lifestyle, or have become "flexetarians", de-empahsizing meats and eating more fruits, grains, beans and vegetables. Celiac disease is a serious problem, with estimates that 1 in 133 people have the illness though many don't know it. Gluten and lactose free products are no longer relegated to the special food sections and are moving mainstream.

Culinary Ingredient Group has bases and concentrates that meet the dietary lifestyles of most consumers that our customers - the food processors - are catering to. Whether it is a low or lower sodium products; products for vegans, vegetarians, lactose or gluten sensitive, CIG has an ingredient that will meet your needs.

A detailed listing of our ingredients, and their health and wellness benefits, may be found in the health and wellness - products section.