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With a broad, highly versatile line of savory meat and poultry, seafood and vegetable products, CIG is able to supply flavors for any need our customers have. All products are certified all natural, free of preservatives, MSG, artificial flavors and colors, and are shelf stable. Real food ingredients - naturally. It's what our customers expect from CIG.

The broadest, most innovative line of meat bases and concentrates available today. CIG can supply a flavor for any need, from our pure aseptically packed beef concentrate to our meat protein blended bases. Your options are expansive with CIG's meat bases and concentrates. Great flavor notes are consistently delivered, without compromise to product quality. Our broad array of veal, beef, venison, and lamb bases and concentrates are exquisite foundations for great tasting foods.
Our wildly popular poultry bases and concentrates have expanded beyond our classic roasted chicken to include other poultry bases and concentrates. Achieve robust flavor notes with or roasted turkey or duck. Our duck fat is a unique item for genuine culinary flavor profiles. We offer a full spectrum of poultry products that address the needs of more traditional food development and also innovative, culinary products.
Clean, ocean fresh taste. Our seafood and fish base products bring those perfectly clean, lobster, crab, shrimp and fish flavors to your product formulations. No concentrated sodium or undesirable flavor characteristics. Nothing artificial about it.
We offer roasted or classic flavors from our vegetable and mushroom bases with products that also meet the needs of vegetarians and vegans alike.
Health and Wellness
Many of CIG products satisfy the needs of consumers concerned with sodium and are lactose and gluten sensitive. All products are free of preservatives, MSG, and artificial flavors, something that appeals to more consumers than ever.
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