Culinary Ingredient Group has designed, built, and installed unique processing and extraction technology that enables it to blend culinary technique with production processes that are world class bases and concentrates. Its proprietary technology has resulted in the first ever production, on a large commercial scale, of pure beef concentrate that is not a by-product of another operation and contains only two ingredients, and is packed in a sterile container. Through its technology, CIG is able to extract, reduce and concentrate pure ingredients into bases without excess salt, without artificial ingredients or flavors, and without the need for preservatives.

Our innovations in technology are combined with classic culinary techniques. Through this technology, we are able to replicate highly complex culinary recipes and produce meat, poultry, seafood, and vegetable concentrates and bases in a production process that is essentially sealed from human intervention. The end result for our customers: authentic and versatile, Culinary Grade® bases, stocks, and concentrates. Naturally.