Industrial Strength

Blending classic culinary recipes and techniques with cutting edge technology is at the core of our base and concentrate production expertise. At CIG, we use the highest quality fresh food ingredients, apply state of the art food processing technology, and produce products in a world class custom built facility that is used to produce products for food processors.

Our approach to producing culinary ingredients is simple. We take the old world culinary recipes and techniques and study them, dissect their essence and understand what scientific basis lies beneath. We then take the pieces and reassemble them, resulting in a purpose built process with propriety food processing technology. This culinary approach, coupled with food science and technology, has enable CIG to produce complex protein and vegetable bases and concentrates scaled for commercial food production, without preservatives and artificial ingredients.

Clean, short, all natural meat, poultry, seafood, and vegetable bases and concentrates are the only thing we do. This narrow focus allows us to be true specialist our customers can rely on for expert solutions to their flavor needs when these ingredients required. Since our products are highly concentrated - industrial strength - they provide versatile ingredients that can be readily adapted or customized to a desired flavor or sensory profile.

CIG maintains rigorous HACCP, SSOP, and QC systems. Our certifications are evidence of this commitment to quality and food safety.
TechnologyTechnology and Innovation
Authentic, timeless, high demand culinary recipes formulated expressly for food processors; achieved through custom built proprietary technology owned exclusively by CIG.
Custom DevelopmentCustom Development
Our customers design it, we build it. We also collaborate and design together. We are devoted to helping our customers meet and exceed their customer expectations.