Culinary Grade Ingredients®

The term "culinary" has, it seems, taken on an epic food marketing focus. The word is used to appeal to a more informed consumer, and the growing numbers of people that rarely miss their favorite cooking show on cable television. Chefs have attained celebrity status. Home cooking is back in favor. Use of the term implies differentiation; a marketing effort to convey authentic and real food to those seeking to improve their health and wellness through eating better foods. Matching the term - culinary - with the actual product marketed is the test for all. We help food processors make the grade.

At CIG, the term "culinary" is not a concept, a slogan, or an idea we have adopted to be market relevant or on trend. Nor do we believe using the term simply because it has become consumer relevant confers authenticity. Culinary is who we are. It's in our DNA. We are deeply involved in the culinary arts. We work and collaborate with chefs all over the world - many of whom have moved from the restaurant kitchen to the large kitchens of a food processor. It's no wonder so many of them use our products, for they know culinary when they taste it.

Our products are crafted in the belief that culinary and authentic can never be mutually exclusive. Both attributes must exist in every stock, base, concentrate or sauce we produce. This requires that the products are natural and free of artificial ingredients and colors, MSG, excess sodium, synthetics and preservatives. (There is not one of these items in our production facility). At CIG, our products must be natural, use pure real food ingredients, and be free of chemicals. These features are required for our products to earn the Culinary Grade® stamp of authenticity.

Authentic Real FoodAuthentic Real Food
No culinary shortcuts here. Our bases and concentrates are authentic in every sense of the word - without compromise. Made from scratch, with natural ingredients.
Primary ProducerPrimary Producer
CIG works directly with the source for our natural ingredients, and then produces these ingredients ourselves; fewer steps in the supply and processing chain.
Read the LabelRead the Label
Less is more; simple is better. Reduce your ingredient decks with ingredients from CIG.