In 1993, we were founded as More Than Gourmet, with the singular concept of producing classic, culinary stocks, sauces, and bases for the home cook and professional kitchen. Every product was crafted on the authentic recipes and culinary tradition of the great French Chef Master, Auguste Escoffier, who essentially wrote the book on classic French cooking and culinary technique. His writings are still the basis of all culinary education worldwide. In his most important book, Guide Culinaire, published in 1903, on the very first page, he states what has become our mantra:

"Indeed, stock [base] is everything in cooking. Without it, nothing can be done. If one's stock [base] is good, what remains of the work is easy; if, on the other hand, it is bad or merely mediocre, it is quite hopeless to expect anything approaching a satisfactory result".

We believe his mantra remains relevant, even more so in a world of better informed and more savvy consumers. His dictate applies to any place that food is processed, be it a home, a restaurant, or a food manufacturing facility. Since our inception, our authentic stocks, sauces, and bases have earned critical acclaim worldwide, with a growing number of food processors seeking our all natural products. In response to this growing demand, we launched in 2007 Culinary Ingredient Group, a division singularly focused on the needs of food processors.

We encourage you to read our labels - they give fact based testimony to our commitment to authentic, culinary ingredients. Review the certifications we've earned and maintain - an achievement we're proud of and one we believe our customers take comfort in. Contact us - we've got a team of professionals poised to serve your needs. Or, request a sample. We think you'll be amazed before your half way through at the tremendous versatility and great flavors - from bold to subtle, rich to nuance, your development teams will achieve from our natural bases, stocks, and concentrates.